Summertime and the livin’ is easy. When my sister and I were kids, we couldn’t wait until school was out in early June so we could ride our bikes to the pool and  hang out with friends.

We could not wait to go to the beach each summer. Atlantic City, NJ was our place to vacation.  The boardwalk,  Italian Village, Steel Pier, miniature golf, Mr. Peanut, Penn Crest Hotel, Captain Starnes Seafood Restaurant, and building sandcastles on the beach made me happy. Great times and great tans.

Penn Crest Hotel

We wished summer would never end.  Who wanted it to? Not us. The long, dog-days of August were sweltering with temperatures in the 90’s. The nights were short laced with fireflies that would twinkle late into the night. Stars were so bright you’d think you might be able to reach out, grab one and take it along with you to use as a lantern.

Still lovin’ summertime!